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Aspen Hill House Project -1 Duplex - Aspen, Colorado
Aspen Hill House Project -2 Piano House - Aspen, Colorado
Aspen Hill House Project 3 Rock House - Aspen, Colorado
Hawaii Housing Authority Honolulu, Hawaii
Hennrich Residence Kahala, Hawaii
Makawao Highlands 22 New Houses Maui, Hawaii
Mandich Residence at Enchanted Lakes Hawaii
Mandich Residence at Lanikai, Hawaii
Mandich Residence at Sopris Mountain Ranch, Colorado
Don Johnston Residence Addition Aspen, Colorado
McCormack Residence Lanikai, Hawaii
Jack Myers Residence Diamond Head, Hawaii
Royal Hawaiian Suite Waikiki, Hawaii
Sakuma Residence Hawaii Loa Ridge, Hawaii

In association with Tongg, Clarke & McCelvey Landscape Architects
Boeckman Residence Honolulu, Hawaii
Hobbs Residence Millilani, Hawaii

In association with Spencer Mason Architects
Clarke Residence Tantalus, Hawaii

In association with Benjamin Lee Arhitects
Fasi Residence Honolulu, Hawaii
Lee Residence Punchbowl, Hawaii

In association with Group 70 Architects
Group 70 House Waialae Nui Ridge, Hawaii
Sunset Shores Subdivision 17 Homes Sunset Beach, Hawaii

In association with Seedorf & Associates North Forty Residences
Johannsson Residence Aspen, Colorado
Landis Residence Aspen, Colorado
McCartney Residence Aspen, Colorado
Ostrander Residence Aspen, Colorado
Natasha Seedorf Residence Aspen, Colorado
Rich Seedorf Residence Aspen, Colorado
Uhlfelder Residence Aspen, Colorado
West Residence Aspen, Colorado
Wilson Residence Aspen, Colorado

In association with Richard Klein & Associates Architects
Klein Residence Aspen, Colorado
Lucks Residence Aspen, Colorado

In Association with Wong, Sueda & Associates Architects
Ronald McDonald House Honolulu, Hawaii

In association with Mitchell Millar Architects
Seaside Surf Apartments 132 units- Waikiki, Hawaii

In association with CJWC Inc. Architects
Sellers Residence Kaneohe, Hawaii

In association with Schmitt Architects
Sylvester Stallone Residence Kauai, Hawaii

In association with Conger Architects
Elliott Residence Aspen, Colorado
Graham residence Aspen, Colorado

In association with Anderson Architects
Matthews Residence Aspen, Colorado
Rosemary's Residence Aspen, Colorado

In association with CCY Architects
Aspen Mountain residence Aspen, Colorado

In association with Cunniffe Architects
Aspen Core Residence Aspen, Colorado
Aspen Core Cottage Aspen, Colorado