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A Division of SEA Builders We solve and simplify complex problems. Management, oversight and forensic investigation of construction projects. Customized services to meet each client's particular needs.

Construction Claims and Litigation Support

Challenges arise and Honolulu Consulting Group professionals have experience in identifying, analyzing and preparing construction claims and disputes for construction projects. We can assist you in assessing or validating entitlement and quantification of damages, thus promoting a successful resolution in an efficient and timely manner. We will prepare and analyze construction claims and disputes and assist our clients in all construction projects by identifying, analyzing, quantifying and presenting construction claims that may arise during the project.

Honolulu Consulting Group experts can assist with the identification and development of an approach for all types of claims including:
  • Scope Changes
  • Schedule Delay and Disruption
  • Payment Claims
  • Termination Claims
  • Delay Claims
  • Cost of Corrective Work
  • Tort Claims
  • Construction Productivity Loss
  • Construction Means and Methods
  • Unforeseen and Differing Site Conditions
  • Management Issues
  • Assessment of Force Majeure events
  • Defective and Deficient Contract Documents
  • Constructive and Directed Change
  • Construction Acceleration
  • Wrongful Contract Termination or Suspension
  • Construction Claim Presentation and Negotiation
Honolulu Consulting Group is equipped to identify liability and quantify damages in a timely and cost effective manner that best serves the interests of our clients. Services that may complement your need for claims identification include:
  • Claim evaluation and quantification
  • Construction productivity loss
  • Construction defect evaluation
  • Damage evaluations
  • Standard of care for construction professionals
  • Arbitration and mediation support
  • Consulting and testifying experts
  • Expert witness testimony
Whether you are an owner, program manager, contractor, architect, subcontractor, construction manager or attorney, Honolulu Consulting Group's consultants are equipped to provide the analytical support necessary to identify and mitigate the risks associated with claims on your project.


Architect Consulting Services

Architects are on the front line of responsible building design and construction. Honolulu Consulting Group offers pre-construction consultation as well as quality assurance during the construction phase of your project. With hands-on building experience, Honolulu Consulting Group provides the bridge between design and construction. Our services include:
  • Pre-design consulting
  • Product and materials research and specification
  • Building envelope document and plan review
  • 3D drawings and supplemental details
  • Site logistics and environmental factors
  • Best practices in building science components
  • On-site construction quality assurance and inspection
  • Construction consulting to resolve unforeseen field conditions


Construction Consulting Services

We serve a wide range of construction projects, blending diverse expertise with keen foresight to achieve project goals and mitigate risk. We offer pre-construction service, as well as on-site presence to provide services and to assist with managing unforeseen conditions. We will investigate existing buildings and assist with construction defect resolution, providing trusted solutions and customized recommendations appropriate for your project scope and budget. Whether you are an owner, contractor, attorney, surety or other construction professional, we will assist you in achieving project success, from the ground up.
  • Project Planning
  • Risk Management
  • Program Management
  • Change Order Analysis
  • Cost Estimating and Evaluations
  • Construction CPM Scheduling
  • Productivity Analysis
  • Dispute Avoidance and Resolution
  • Construction Claims
  • Litigation Support


Owners Representation

Honolulu Consulting Group has extensive experience working as the Owner's representative.

Sustainable Building Consulting
Robert Mandich and Honolulu Consulting Group, builds on 30 years as an acknowledged leader in the practice of sustainable architecture. Robert is a LEED AP accredited professional. Robert's work has been published worldwide for its innovative and forward thinking approach to sustainable architecture and design. Honolulu Consulting Groups role as consultant builds upon experience and success with green building projects and offers solutions to improve the environmental performance through cost effective and aesthetically pleasing solutions that balance the built environment with the natural environment. We accomplish this by providing our clients with realistic programs innovative thinking and strategies presented as holistic, integrated systems. Sustainable buildings are equated with healthy buildings, resulting in greater occupant satisfaction, reduced employee absenteeism, greater resale value and increasingly lucrative lease contracts. A key to project success is to ensure that all parties understand life cycle costs as well as first costs. In a departure from many traditional economic models, sustainable design / building sees the greatest return on investment over the lifetime of the building or project. We excel at providing innovative solutions to design and building issues that elevate the whole of a project, from a preserved natural environment with less developmental impact, to providing a healthier, more natural built environment.

Our scope of consulting services offered and areas of specialization include:
  • Site planning and project orientation review. Solar orientation and shading.
  • Natural ventilation strategies incorporating both passive and active systems.
  • Climatic studies and analysis relevant to project design, energy systems and building type using a bio-regional and climatic responsive strategy.
  • Product research and development, with a specialization in concrete and high volume Fly ash mix designs, sustainable materials with recycled content, and the earth itself.
  • Expertise in sustainably harvested wood including lesser known species, reclaimed lumber / renewable materials and bio- composites.
  • Alternative energy systems research, modeling and implementation including PV photovoltaic and small scale wind and hydroelectric turbines.
  • Hydronic solar radiant systems integration for thermal solar heating systems.
  • Water conservation strategies and systems implementation.
  • Storm water mitigation measures including bio-swales, pervious concrete and rainwater capture-reuse systems for sub surface irrigation.
  • Green roof, vegetative "living walls" and green machine integration.
  • Planning/building code policy expertise and advisory experience.
  • Project team management, guidance and integration.
  • Feasibility studies based on project requirements and client priorities.
  • Green building guidelines, specifications, and procedures.
  • Indoor air quality and Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) evaluation and prevention.
  • Cost benefit and payback analysis including Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and embodied energy analysis.


Real Estate Consulting Services

Robert Mandich is a licensed Real Estate Broker in the State of Colorado and the principal of Mandron Real Estate Group LLC. We are able to consult on a wide range of real estate concerns.