We are a conscious based firm. We listen well and communicate often. Provide seamless integration of Nature, Architecture, and Interiors. Elevate quality. Get the job done on time, on budget.

About Us

Our Core Values
Each one of our clients has a distinct and exclusive personality. We listen to, respect, and are inspired by our client's diverse interests to create an architectural vision that uniquely reflects their soul, spirit and persona.

Our Company
SEA Builders LLC is a full service multi-dimensional firm, specializing in expert design, craftsmanship, precision detailing, "hands on" project management, consultation, and exceptional cost containment methods. We integrate ecological, humanistic and sacred principals to create special spaces and environments, to benefit our clients, and our earth. Our innovations lie in the journey to understand our client's deepest design intentions and transpose those aspirations into spiritually life-giving, natural, harmonious space that will enliven their soul. In that quest, we adhere to design elements that blend earth and elegance, raw natural spirit into form. SEA is known for designing and building only those projects where our architectural visions can be translated into structures and landscapes of extraordinary beauty, that capture our client needs, budget, charm and character specific to their site, while creating inventive and lasting works of architecture, which nourish and heal the human spirit.

Our Mission
At SEA, our passion is to design, build and assimilate each distinctive architectural composition as if our man-made and the natural environment were always there from the beginning. We listen well, communicate often, and are open to the influence of others. We are a team player; we provide solutions, inspire quality, and adhere to our goals, ensuring a better experience, satisfaction, and ultimately a better product within any given budget. We perceive the toughest project requirements as the most exciting and viable projects where obstacles have been transformed into opportunities. We understand any successful project is the result of the collaboration and development of a close and trusting relationship between all parties that unifies our firm's talents and sensitivities with the client's and our earths scrutinizing set of needs. The joy for our clients is seeing his or her dream become a reality, and the joy for us is in being part of making something of lasting beauty through the synthesis of sound, light, sacred geometry, fire, water, air and earth into a spiritual living architecture. We get the job done on time, on budget.

Our Foundations
We believe that commonalities of the human race are ostensible, and the diversity within our clients is at the core of each of our designs. All of life hangs in a balance between taking and giving. We are committed to sustainable, healing communities and environments. We have a deep responsibility to develop and impact our earths and communities' relationships in a conscious and harmonious manner. Our joy is grounded in our work. The harmony of our souls becomes the foundation of our designs.


Pre-Build Services

The initial step of any project is the pre-construction process, including architecture, estimating, value engineering, schedule formation, site analysis and logistics, and environmental & efficiency analysis. The following services have been designed to make each job more cost-effective by minimizing delays and completing the project on time and under budget. SEA is pleased to be selected for or to assist with these pre-construction services.

Architectural Design
SEA Builders is a multi-disciplinary holistic practice that draws on a diverse professional network, ensuring that we include as many disciplinary perspectives as possible. We focus on achieving harmony with and within our-selves, and our natural and man-made environment. Harmony that inspires our minds, lifts our spirits, and enhances our lives. We are interested in, and engage with emergent forms of organization and association, as tools for our own practice and development. We believe that the design and building of any built environment can nurture planetary and human well being in a dynamic process that serves to raise the consciousness and vibration of all participants. Our sustainably built, environmentally sensitive, contemporary green residential, commercial and institutional building designs exemplify the union of mind, body and spirit, with community, tradition, culture, and the earth. Our architectural design elements are modern, rustic, organic, green and clean, juxtaposing materials of earth, concrete, glass, wood and other natural elements to create balanced, uplifting compositions of texture and form that maximize the honest expression of structure and materials. We create dramatic, contemplative space contributing to the genesis of a built environment that nourishes all sentient life. Our experience informs all of our design work, as does our congruity with nature.

Our residential works focus ensures your dream home results in a solution that is as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing, enhancing you lifestyle, bringing joy to every day of your life. Our commercial projects strive beyond aesthetics and functionality, improving the quality of the human experience and productivity. We create solutions that promote tangible savings to running costs, energy use and carbon emissions by maximizing passive solar design, reducing the dependence on heating and air conditioning, while optimizing natural light and ventilation. Our institutional solutions engage, inspire, and uplift people as individuals, providing tangible strategic and operational benefits, minimizing waste, energy use and carbon emissions, as well as construction and running costs.

Budget: Estimating the budget is the primary step in effective project cost management. Our experience shows that the earlier our estimators are involved in the project, the better we are able to assist the owner in making decisions consistent with the project objectives.

Value Engineering: Our value engineering approach is comprehensive, proactive, and identifies goals for the project and the means to provide the highest value possible without compromising quality.

Schedule: We schedule the entire project; from pricing the schematic plans through the final punch list.

Site Analysis and Logistics: We carefully examine all site aspects at the very beginning of the process in order to achieve an accurate budget, determine safety management, site access, transportation routes and construction parameters facilitating an efficient and safe working environment.

Environmental and Efficiency Analysis: Our staff is well versed in environmental alternatives, and our managing partner is a LEED Certified Accredited Professional. We offer cost-effective recommendations for increased resource and energy efficiency, better indoor air quality, stronger building envelopes and more streamlined mechanical systems. This review can also assess the ecological impact of construction, establish an effective on-site recycling program, and offer alternative building practices specific to the project.


Build Services

At SEA, we have earned our reputation by maintaining meticulous attention to the building process. By coordinating our teams early in the construction phase and keeping the lines of communication open, we have been able to consistently produce exceptional craftsmanship, as well as on-time and on-budget results. In an industry known for its lackluster approach to quality and deadlines, we have redefined the meaning of quality construction.

SEA Builders LLC construction services are integral to successful project management and are designed to work in the best interests of the owner. These services include estimating, value engineering, constructability, project schedule control, procurement, cost control, safety, qualified subcontractors, on-site supervision, quality assurance, and project completion.

Estimating is a primary step in effective project cost management. Whether we start from just a basic concept or working drawings, our estimators produce an initial project cost estimate. This estimate draws on comparable projects previously completed and on detailed discussions with the owner. Because our prices reflect your decisions, you are in control of the costs.

Our experience shows that the earlier our estimators are involved in the project, the better we are able to assist the owner in making decisions consistent with the project objectives. Project costs can be most readily influenced in the earliest phase of conceptual planning. As the project proceeds, all changes become progressively more difficult and expensive to implement. We are elated to assist in this early phase of the work.

Once our estimates are complete, we solicit bids from pre-qualified subcontractors. Each bid is then analyzed to select subcontractors who are most responsive to the project needs and who best meet the owner's interests. To check that all subcontractor figures are in line, we carefully compare their bids with our own quantity take-offs and historical unit costs.

Value Engineering
Our value analysis is more than simply suggesting lower priced equipment or materials to reduce costs. Rather, it is a process unique to each customer, identifying the goals for the project and the means to provide the highest value without compromising quality. Working with the owner our value engineering effort will present concepts that will improve a project's overall value.

Constructability is the optimum use of construction knowledge and experience in planning, design, procurement, and field operations to achieve overall project objectives. It means better projects, lower costs, more efficient construction, shorter schedules, and earlier owner occupancy. Constructability review is designed to help the team determine the overall efficacy of the project. Specifically, we are looking for ways to lower cost, shorten schedules, improve construction efficiency, and make the process flow with the fewest interruptions.

Project Schedule Control
Projects require delivery at low cost and within short time frames, while still expecting superior quality construction. To meet these objectives, SEA assumes responsibility for overall schedule management throughout the project. We believe that each project completed on or ahead of schedule is profitable for all concerned. Scheduling is one of SEA's Critical Success Factors, or elements that we regularly track in order to measure our performance on each project. Our on-site managers and supervisors give the highest priority to meeting deadlines, and are committed to immediately addressing any obstacles that could jeopardize a project schedule.

A key part of our construction effort is timely procurement of all services, material and equipment, particularly long-lead procurement. Detailed and responsible procurement is critical to the success of the project's overall schedule and cost.

Cost Control
Cost control begins in part when our estimating group meets with the owner's team to compare how our assumptions about the project match the actual requirements. Clarifications at this point permit scope changes, if required, with minimal financial impact.

We essentially conceptualize a design, cost it, complete value engineering, and show owners where they have potential cost overruns. We firmly believe that effective cost control can be maintained by anticipating problems and dealing with them before they develop.

We represent owners as a matter of business, and therefore, we know how to think like an owner. We know what things cost, and how to negotiate the best prices. Every alternative we suggest, change order we issue, quality inspection we make, every payment we authorize is done as if we are standing in the owner's shoes

Safety: Because we know that our greatest resource as a company is the people who work for and with us, we take every step possible to ensure our people come to work and return home every day without incident.

Qualified Subcontractors: We engage qualified, highly skilled subcontractors, thus enhancing our project delivery disciplines. This provides innovative, dependable and cost-effective solutions for the customer. Our mission to build lasting relationships has created many strong partnerships with our subcontractors throughout the years and ensures true teamwork on all of our projects.

On-Site Supervision: Overall construction progress will be coordinated in tandem by an experienced project manager and superintendent, who jointly bring about the project's success. The project manager oversees the entire process and is responsible for the general business management of the project. The superintendent is directly in charge of hands-on field construction, coordinating all subcontractor activity and site safety.

Quality Assurance: Not only do we adhere to the highest quality construction practices in the industry, we also set our own standards, above and beyond the norm. Our designers and our craftsman are of the highest caliber in their field. Their workmanship transcends all boundaries as they strive to create buildings with zero defects. We utilize state of the art methods and techniques for execution and management. Our field personnel are highly skilled craftsmen with an eye for detail. Our management punch list each and every project themselves with the vision that "there shall be zero punch list items" upon final Owner walkthrough. We achieve this vision by employing milestone budgets, schedules, value engineering analysis, cash flow forecast, and the right custom tailored team for each job and budget. Our goal is to consistently exceed the client's expectations. We take pride in what we build and we've earned our stellar reputation based on that philosophy.

Project Completion: Owner's Operations and Maintenance Manuals are assembled to include service manuals for all equipment, cleaning and care instructions for all surfaces, painting specifications, as-built photographs, as-built plans and maintenance letters outlining what needs to be done on a periodic basis in order to enhance the life of the work.


Post-Build Services

From advanced planning and value engineering to on-time completion with a zero punch list, we are setting new standards for service. Our high return business rate is, in part, because our warranty and exceptional follow up always put the client first. We will be there for the customer, guaranteed.

Zero Punch list: The "zero punch list" mentality translates into finishing all outstanding items on a project by the time of its substantial completion. We plan every aspect of the project closeout in advance, making sure we complete each phase as we go.

Warranty System: Our warranty system is a comprehensive program that promptly addresses warranty issues with a team of select professionals dedicated to your satisfaction. Our goal is to earn a customer for life. To that end, we think our satisfied client base and repeat business speaks for itself.

Post-Occupancy Services: Even after project closeout, we are available for product review and services. This is in addition to our comprehensive warranty. We will be there for any client concerns, no matter how small or how challenging the issue. You can be assured that we will be available, we will follow through, and we will do what we say we're going to do.